Against acnes.

The Aknesol anti-acne product family, including Aknesol Clean tincture and Aknesol SOS cream, targets the young people. This tincture is the redesigned version of the famous tonic beloved by generations. The package design illustrates a happy face with a black spot – a likeable and straightforward visual for an anti-acne brand.
We built up the identity from scratch. Besides the brand identity and package design we created visuals for every possible medium: online and offline campaigns, print ads, TV spots, microsites & banners.

Client: Yes.Pharma / Date: 2012 / Package & Brand Design: Daniel Frolich / Designers: Sandor Debreczeni, Zsolt Zleovszki / Photography & Retouching: Zsolt Zleovszki, Sandor Debreczeni, Daniel Frolich / © All content copyright.

Aknesol Package Design
Aknesol Clean Package Design
Aknesol Clean Logo
Aknesol Clean Package
Aknesol SOS Logo
Aknesol SOS Package Design
Aknesol Clean Package
Aknesol SOS Package

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