Manual Bags

Handmade gymbags.

Manual Bags is manufacturing limited edition handmade gymbags, made of 100% vegan, high quality materials. Vibrant, shiny colours and elegant, classic fabrics can also be found in their collection, which is created for today's urban lifestyle.
The logo ‘MA’ refers to the owner’s monogram - and it also shapes the bag itself. Besides branding and creating the logo design, we took part in the brand naming process, shooting and retouching the product photos.

Client: Manual Bags / Date: 2017 Q2 / Brand Design: Daniel Frolich / Set Design: Orsolya Orosz, Daniel Frolich / Photography: Orsolya Orosz, Daniel Frolich, Dalma Veres / © All content copyright.

Manual Bags Branding
Manual Bags Package Design
Manual Bags Package
Manual Bags Braning
Manual Bags Image
Manual Bags Logo
Manual Bags Image
Manual Bags Image

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